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Hey hi welcome to Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts Service, On about sound which is the Earth when pronounce pronounce it is an awesome really show this looks like this Enjoy your night life with great escort ladies, Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts, so when you look into a dictionary and you see this symbol you know that you are looking and around how do you get the awesome well your lips would be slightly rounded so it is your and your time that is the most important as far is this world is concerned because your tongue is almost at the middle level position of your mouth and he deserves, it is cruel to talk to the back to you really dumb is not straight is connected to the back, so it is an awesome, which produce the sound that first one is the world's a velocity of the first word to give the sound is the world's father hazme exaggerating because and therefore you can click at Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts Service with Enjoy your night life with great escort ladies, I said father father of his role as exaggerated the next word is Mauritius therefore to produce the sound of best call girls given erotic long time, it in exaggerated Olympics is weather horror sounds why sea level is used in some words for example like our Earth is very best escort ladies gives me dance aurat can give me a chance I said I heard her say to me bird the little bird that give me the sound and I said the blue bird first getting sound next for she is a very beautiful girl and that I won't give me the horror sounds and therefore get fulfill dream.

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I said I roll my eyes in this world is now the next coming spelling Karan is the power used in some Birds like word erase it produces sound 4 is emphasize for that person assam doctor change the next common spelling error is the Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts Girl which is is used in words like this occurs very commonly I said her anand securiton brightside you are in this world the earth next Saturday you are a some words like culture and later because of the you are a and M the ground with the are being roll the bet twice a culture and electronics is the year of the dog is got a very nice holiday is pronounced as an oscillator dollar call letter sentences to practice Their Sound olive oil on the first what is first in this world as we all know gives Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts with awesome pic of the Year I don't say first I say for next 48 is person in this world is produced by the hour and therefore I say person moving on to learn world as we know also produces the sound and therefore I stay alone and words words is concerned with all gifts made a sound and therefore I say words words on next header is other person so I say other and what are their just to remind you though in this world is pronounced as an another culture how are there in this word comes because of the you are a nice culture the longer longer 10% on next World poorest horrible say you are give me a chance take.

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I said that because you are getting me the earth and third person in this world aise Hote is pronounced C is pronounced as K in words with save some of them please urgent and loss what is white collar within the word solar Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts Service Ladies with cooler because they are you give me the hours countries with some sentences on first one is horrible sure it is today we know what emphasising so they are the first word in this sentence give me the sounds of it is a heads and and or so it is hot Hollywood scene because of the you are a getup Harit escort will also give me a sound so horrible shirt is 30 then giving me the sound so horrible shirt is escort erotic moving onto the next sentence on her I heard that they are giving me the iron heart hey Rama the are also gives me the earth sound and ever I said Grammar or grammer prices grammar the assassins is this the you are give me the person I said OK OK what is this occurs in every horror with comedy scene how do you are a gives me the sound that for my friends does this occurs in every culture well sound and how we need pronouncing where did not fit for this Hyderabad Ambarpet Escorts and I'll be back with some more lessons on well sounds but to get more knowledge on otherwise login to the link in the description at the end of this video until then this is me saying goodbye.

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