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Hi Dear thanks for the visited our Hyderabad Escort and Thank you for the gives your valuable on this Hyderabad Escort full pleasure to provide all kind of sexual moment what in mind of yours, Workplace the masturbating I will happen if your friend or family about you but doesn't have to talk about being a new just saying Hyderabad Escort Services was lucky that sounds with me and today we are learning Express cast away if somebody has an accident in you go and you go to see them in the Call Girls in Hyderabad and you find out that the victims the people who underwent the accident the absolutely fine however there was damaged disaster has been prevented although the car was damage for Hyderabad Escorts disaster in the beginning God heard that was prevented in such a situation you could always say it's a good thing that they were not hurt it's a good thing that they were not hurt so the first disasterous that there was an accident Hyderabad Escort disaster could be the bigger they got hurt but they did not so we would say it's a good thing that the positive statement class the positive statement is just as well this morning I was raining tomorrow is dead all my heart had my uncle how you can use this face this is also always followed by a positive statement what nice before it comes in negative circumstance and what is the unwanted circumstances a situation that is waiting for the positive side is that Independent Hyderabad Escorts, I had my umbrella sad I had my it's always use when an unwanted circumstance has been prevented or something wrong did not happen and Wanted damage event, I want to the next Call Girls in Hyderabad that.

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They will not hurt so we can continue this we can also use this as an expression or it's a good thing that they would not hurt fortunately luckily that they were not heard this is also used it is always followed by a positive circumstance circumstance you are so remember Hyderabad Escort that you will use this expression when you are we telling the story to somebody so my friend had an accident I visited them in the Call Girls in Hyderabad, welcome was that damage but fortunately all of you did not get hurt moving on to the 4th one as luck would have it find a you're driving down the city and another of your friend is also driving down the city but you don't know and why you are driving you run out of gas your friend is there Hyderabad Escorts Services and give their to offer you a list so in that situation you could say as luck would have it like was present to offer me a list buy a positive situation and you will always use it in a grid telling the story circumstance we telling the story if somebody says you how would reply if somebody has the story that you are telling them they would say the stroke of luck write a summary Singh a story Hyderabad Escort.

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You sharing a story with you how would you reply it's a stroke of luck or just imagine if one of your friend works in a wall walks in office. White epoxy main office for an Hyderabad Female Escorts and just get so how are you reply will you just don't we don't have your friend you can just say that uses stroke of luck or bad luck the same applies for its Lucky this can also be used in the same situation saying that it's nothing that you got the job the moment you walked into the office is at the Hyderabad Escorts Service Ladies was so happy with you telling you, that about the story that let's imagine putting on imagination cap that one fine day you are driving having your face you always there you could say that as luck would have it mike mike mike mike is not driving then what will you do it's very or most fortunate that there was a gas station nearby that's also used when you are telling about story that has happened in the past on incident that happened in the past there was a gas station it was a close Escorts Services, no I did not fall so when something bad is about to happen if you are about to fall or is it ok to be an accident that's what you call a closing you were about to Hyderabad Model Escorts applied brakes otherwise it was a near miss that situation was something bad is about to happen must be a lucky day you have one and all expenses paid trip to Hyderabad Escort Agencies we are available also visakhapatnam escorts service, it's not your lucky day then what if you ever hear that statement then it is your lucky day when you get something you can say that if you just call you Hyderabad Call Girls, if you want to it can be used in the beginning of a sentence before your sharing something by cycle prohibited expression Escorts Services in Hyderabad is a much better way of saying this this is a very informal way and slang it is a slang which I would suggest that you use unless the person is like a really close to you and your comfortable with you saying that chandigarh if your friend tells you that ok I want an all expenses paid trip to Bahamas would you tell him you were kissing or we can also say the stroke of luck or its lucky that you did this news ways of a common in England and if you want you may use it but Hyderabad Escorts Service suggest this is a better option for you to choose so you learn different ways of being like saying that you have been lucky or common thing if someone else has been lucky boy if you will vary on Lucky lately then for you we will do another video where I am very few expression that you can use if you are being unlucky sorry thank you so much for your time I hope to see you.

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