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Hi this is Seema and today I will be bringing you I'm Yours on marketing plans and career well marketing is nothing but creating a demand or a desire for a new product in the market marketing something that you Pleasure to fulfill outstanding and complete any type of dreams at Hyderabad Masab Tank Escorts, I cannot escape from I mean how can you possibly Hai from a huge Billboard that screams at YouTube by a particular product how can you walk away from a huge holding that talks about a new product introduced in the market well marketing is all that I am so much more you are a few words that we will talk about when it comes to our activities and things related to marketing the first one is what is it seven the words in the marketing friends I am talking about and introduction of a new product in market for example Hyderabad Masab Tank Escorts Service, I can say that I have started a new company and I have launched a new product in the market for example a beauty cream the next app login is line by line looks pretty much like this but when I talk about Lion in the marketing sense what do I mean I am really I am talking about United products oh baby I am talking about products in the same category of for example I may I mean talk about beauty products so I may have your Hyderabad Masab Tank Female Escorts have the face cream the face wash the toner the all tyeps of sexual and erotica massage of the draw but related products meaning products of the same range so my company may have a line of beauty products and their four line in the marketing sense refers to products of the same category is cash cow what is the cloud account how to contact us.

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I can guarantee that I would make that copper at least five years so cash cow refers to something that is very profitable because you have the word hash in your ok and cow something that can be Milk or arduino or redmi which can be generated for all its work so cashkaro refer to an extremely impressico business with Hyderabad Masab Tank Escorts Agency or an extremely profitable merchandise also used to refer to that one particular product in your company which continent the maximum revenue for you so therefore because it has no because now you got this product and you can you can you can you can really get as notice money from it is possible so there for the terminology cash Kawasaki say that Apple Corporation for example that the new product I thought it was you are so it was a real cash card for them because it generated the maximum revenue for that company what's creeper relieves aggressive something that comes The Banyan so Mach 3 blades is nothing but an aggressive padmashree wow vinod coding is used by their products in our mother holding a such a bad you know you want this product because of marketing which is nothing but an aggressive marketing campaign created in Escorts Service in Hyderabad Masab Tank by a particular product so therefore not related to the next terminology which is hyper gain is extensive pressery wap what exactly does it mean when you are excessively are you know creating a demand in the market are you might maybe I have some advertisements which have this very big superstars you know this coming home cover for mountain and doing the various dance make you and me by that particular product was really that is nothing but creating an accident because of the publicity involved in creating demand for that particular product why most companies need to have cutting edge Technology so the world current age refers to technology and it means that he is very advanced with cutting edge Technology if you are looking like just drop me call at Hyderabad Masab Tank Escorts Girls.

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I am trying to say that I have products which have extremely advanced technology and therefore it is Amhi know it is like an advantage to my company Apple Corporation again that has so many new products in the market value given in having 1 crore then you could just enough enough to remove the screen with your fingers it was unimaginable but today kapu Corporation have what we call is cutting edge Technology all of this is possible with Hyderabad Masab Tank Independent Escorts hope I am from captivated it is nothing but enticing a customer so who is enforcement working interested and Facebook marketing is all about marketing is bad creating a Dzire waiting period for a particular product and that when I said I make cutting edge technology to keep my my customers who I am talking bad getting my customers interested keeping well its look at another 6 of the marketing jargons we will begin with skyrocket what is that it is it is a rocket well if I said that for the month of March sales happens when recording I talk about something that is moving upwards and amazing very fast for increasing rapidly firing in the marketing sense basically means anything which increases hard very fast fast pace or very rapidly moving onto demographics why graphic relates to activate type of customers on Hyderabad Masab Tank Escort, so I need graphics when I want to safai Karmi want to sell in a place where other people who are enough between the age group of say maybe 7 to 21 years of age if I am looking at you know I am telling call girls like creams, I mean look at a you cry that is you now I am more on the youngest side so I know that my my customers and create a demand accordingly that understanding the the demographics moving on the tire what is attire of is nothing but a mutually beneficial promotional strategy my company has a tie up with another company why do we have this file because it is mutually beneficial for birthday parties universal clothes but if you are not look like just tell us.

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I may have a tie up with a credit card company so that the people who spend money using that particular credit card could get a discount on the cloth that I die silent so that way the credit card complaint also I whatsApp princess advertisement inside onwards tips and disable getting out from anus without somethings in find them talking nothing but stops moving onto rebates very common Hyderabad Masab Tank Escorts rebasing bath account on river crosses of outcast facts on promotional offers which kind of occupy less than the normal price so that is what we waited for with reference to this counts nothing most preferred customer most frequently most frequent customised prasad customise you always have a particular amount of customers who spend the most on your particular product so they are your every customer to the same may give you the maximum business compared to other customers on marketing clients and jordans I will be back with some more lessons are summer jackets and food and Visnagar, if you are looking someone just drop me call.

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