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Hi friends and Rachana from get stock and back with a new session today I am going to teach you how to use many and much in sentences people generally get confused when to use much when to use many and it up so news used only with plural countable noun now now that you can her for the Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts call countable nouns for example on I have five friends or you have many books in your bag so now that you can easily count are called countable nouns so let's see how many is used with countable nouns examples with you many general means a lot or something that is in becoming basically anything that is more than one means login example of Escorts Service in Hyderabad Mehdipatnam, she has many friends delhi and Georgia friends, so she has more than one friend she has many friends there are many books on the table there is a Geography science fiction books for there are three books on the table friend and books are countable nouns you use many with countable nouns any is used in a negative sentence is used in a negative sentence, it means of food smaller Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Call Girls, who doesn't have many subjects semester that means you have probably two or three subjects in the neck I don't have many pens well opens probably two or three sentence use many only with countable noun let's take a look how many is used in questions, I want to know the exact amount or the number so let's take a look at the examples Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escort, I own that means you want to know the exact number of caste that your neighbours own eyes is a countable noun you use menu to ask a question in the second example are there many ways to get to the airport in Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escort, up offer by communists you other many ways to the airport of course there are many ways you can take the highway or probably a parallel load or you can take the best Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts Service you can take the cab to the airport the ways is so you use men in the first exceptions to every rule let's take a look nouns that don't end in s so we have many children people are confused and generally used the word children's passiflora well this is wrong with any other escort agencies,

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Dating With Genuine Available Escorts Girls, If one child many children means a lot of children there is no word as children's example there were many people at the ceremony the word people is a countable noun as you can count the number of people at a party you are a ceremony when people against a lot of people make mistakes thinking the word people to be plural of people actually friends singular is 1% and science of chloroform so basically I hope many only for countable nouns how to use much now let's see how you can use much in sentences with non countable nouns and uncountable nouns are those nouns that you cannot count for example milk unless you take help of a measurement like a bottle of milk or a litre of milk is not countable Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts Service is not countable unless you take the help and measure height with minutes seconds or days or months so nice like milk sugar time and uncountable as you cannot found them by themselves 16 look at how much is used in a positive sense means a lot or lots of Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escort, I have much time to help you patanjali much is not used very often in positive sentence as it sounds very formal so it is always better to use, I have a lot of time in the second example I have much money this means you have a lot of mine, I have a lot money so you again you don't use much probably 11 maths is used ok fine let's take a look at how much is used in negative sentences in a little like this she doesn't have much patience that means she gets annoyed very fast and she has a limitation, I didn't take much time it sorry, I didn't take me much time to reach office where there is no traffic and it didn't take me much time to reach office vacancy in the positive and negative sentences now flight time money patients are not countable and so we use much with long time table take a look at how much is used with questions on Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts, when I have a few temples near example how much does this sweater cost Vellore how much does, it cost means you are asking how much money does it cost money is an uncountable noun because it has Paris currency is like dollars rupees Pounds so when you use the word money of cost you say how much and not how many but agencies are not good service.

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If you ask the question 12 using Dollars is how many dollars because dollar is a countable noun in the second example how much sugar in your hand you cannot found it but, we use a teaspoon you know how many teaspoons, so if you use the word sugar without Facebook you will say how much sugar do you have in your Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escort use how much in a question that certain exceptions samples year was the first one we didn't have much news generally people get confused with the word news and misinterpreted to form actually who is in it's enough am just because it happened at the end it does not mean it is floral basically stands for North East West South so you cannot say how many news of we didn't have many news newspaper match, I love you Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escort, so much when you using much in a positive sentence in a positive sentence when you use words like, so or to large quantity or an amount trying to express that she loves him a lot in the second sentence the new cause of too much trouble trouble is not coming now and it's very difficult accountable Hyderabad Mehdipatnam Escorts, so when you say too much trouble, it mean that there is a lot of trouble of the following is in use among friends last episode please remember how to use much and many carefully, but not countable nouns and many is used only countable nouns, I hope you find this lesson very useful to put your comments and queries and I'll be back.

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