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Hey gentleman there we are Our dating girls offer escort encounter and eliminate loneliness and exhaustion from their lifestyle, Payment bank with the new lesson in wrestlemania Hyderabad Tolichowki Escorts Service, how to use the proverb se and their people get confused, you know when do you say when we use tell about moon you know to make verbal communication as committed Hyderabad Tolichowki Escort ladies, what are the points that we need to keep in mind while using say and tell ok let's see how they are used something alright tell someone on this independent escort ladies, some home independent Escorts girls form of said she said that she loved him a lot of girls, you not send me message she said that sometimes we can say to someone like a my second examples said to me, that was tired alright so you say something or you say something oK when you tell you tell someone something at you can get valuble service, some example of you told me ok so she told me to tell someone something fishy told me like this is an object pronounce Hyderabad Tolichowki Escorts, that means who told her she told him or they told us so is an object pronoun and say she told me again you are a lot of people get confused and say she told to you what she told me she told me that she ok say something something tell the speaker exactly said will you say like this John said ok hello sir how are you Sir John said do you love me yes this is very important when you only you said.

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Our dating girls offer escort encounter and eliminate loneliness and exhaustion from their lifestyle, I cannot say she told do you love me no that's wrong to you always said she said do you love me or die, I hope this is clear to you coming to tell you told her open the door always for you, when you give instructions or university information you always used to be told her open the door ok instructions you use tell and to ask question how many generally just say something you, always you say and how say and tell is used in indirect speech of author reported speech where we use both in the indirect speech ok I was example where she said that it was school where you remember in the previous example, I said you say something so she said that it was cold alright she asked where you live example of direct speech into indirect speech where the basic questions please remember when you talk about the question asked in indirect speech you always say open but only our Hyderabad Tolichowki Escort, I can't say she told very live independent Escorts girls very late because he asked questions usually asked he told me that he would complete well again, if you remember you tell someone something indirect speech you can you just said something on tell someone something and remember, if not talking about a question in the reported speech you do not use say or tell you always news fast, ok How universe tell when you made orders advices all with certain places where you say we always used examples remember Hyderabad Tolichowki escort ladies old someone something fishy told him to the object pronoun so she told him to me.

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Whenever you need to take me just drop me a call, ok I'm an example tell them to come on time and then will not say say them to come on time or define them example you always mother says him a story on better I should tell someone something so she doesn't a story and better I always tell lies when you cannot say she always says life is life who always happens to the different phases why you always have to use that ok so when you tell lies not a very good thing to do but only this Hyderabad Tolichowki Escorts, when you tell lies you don't say lie you don't want to say who said her the truth or he said to her this group you always have to use till when was the first tell someone that root for him or her she told someone the truth examples you always use tell you never you say ok this is a room sofa orders advice and Salon princess you always used to this will be the winner of the lesson plans I hope you enjoy watching this lesson I am sure all of confusion is now player list putting any comments on queries I'll be back soon mechanism and take care and bye.

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